Welcome to Edando, we are an online engineer design and drawing office committed to providing good quality work at a competitive rate. Edando was established in 2019 by the director Charlie Mayo; an independent Consultant Engineer.

Edando boast a wealth of knowledge and expertise in engineer and product design across a range of industries including Aerospace, Automotive, Civil, Manufacturing and Defence. Our engineering expertise and attention to detail will ensure your designs have everything you will require to achieve your end product. This is achieved by our access to SolidWorks Premium suite; an advanced simulation software product.

SolidWorks enables Edando to promote your product design at any stage of the product life cycle. This includes creating a prototype, bringing a product to market or industrialising a proven product. The use of finite element analysis capabilities will reduce your mechanical testing costs, as SolidWorks allows multiple iterations of parts or assemblies. Therefore, optimising a faster testing period with reliable results for your end product.

For the finished product Edando uses highly attractive marketing imagery including options of; 3D with cutaway or animation to reveal product internals and/or striking photo-realistic imagery.

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