About Us

Edando stands for Engineering Design and Drawing Office. It was established in 2019 as an online platform to provide engineering and drawing office support to small and large enterprises. Edando is experienced working at all stages of the product life cycle and produces quality designs at a competitive price. We work with range of trusted associates with a great deal of expertise and various types of manufacturing facilities to help get your product from concept to manufacture.

Edandos FEA capabilities can speed up concept to manufacture time by simulating mechanical testing of multiple iterations of parts and/or assemblies for a fraction of the cost of mechanical testing. Optimising for cheaper, faster and reliable results.

Edando can deliver highly attractive marketing imagery of your product; including options such as 3D with cutaway or animation to reveal product internals. We can use this feature to produce marcoms and technical communication using our technical writing service.

We guarantee:
♦ A wealth of experience across various industries including Systems, Defence, and Civil Engineering
♦ We pride ourselves on being honest with excellent attention to detail
♦ Our customers will benefit from excellent communication and punctual delivery of products
♦ Bespoke work packages tailored to your needs so you know exactly what is being delivered and when