About Us

Edando stands for engineering design and drawing office. It was established in 2019 as an online platform for small business without a drawing office or large companies with a backlog for top quality designs at a reasonable price. We can assist at all stages of a products life cycle such as; creating a prototype, bringing a product to market, or industrialising a proven product. Using expertise to ensure your drawings have everything you, your customers and suppliers require.

Our FEA capabilities allow multiple iterations of parts and/or assemblies can be programmed into a computer simulation for a fraction of the cost of mechanical testing. Optimising cheaper, faster and reliable results.

For the finished product we ensure we use highly attractive marketing imagery of your product; including options of 3D with cutaway or animation to reveal product internals.

We guarantee:
♦ A wealth of experience across various industries including Systems, Defence, and Civil Engineering
♦ We pride ourselves on being honest with excellent attention to detail
♦ Our customers will benefit from excellent communication and punctual delivery of products